Is it time to go with a Hosted Phone System?

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27 Jul 2015

Considering upgrading or buying a phone system? The days of the phone system in the closet are coming to an end. A hosted phone system in the cloud is something you should consider.

Is it time to go with a Hosted Phone System?

If your looking for a business phone system or contemplating the replacement of your existing phone system, you have no doubt been wooed by the plethora of hosted phone system options that are presented to you in your search. Hosted phone systems are now dominating the market and the day's of having a phone system box tucked away in a closet are becoming a thing of the past.

Depending on your needs a Hosted Phone System is a very cost effective option as up-front costs are significantly lower than having to purchase a hardware based system. Hosted systems now come with a long list of features that you would expect from any phone system and also many advanced features that traditional phone system just can't offer.

When you go with a cloud based system the phones used are based on SIP technology. SIP is an IP technology that allows you to make calls over the internet and is based on industry standards. Most hardware based phone system use phones that will only work with their hardware and this kind of lock-in prevents you from using other solutions and forces you to stay within the upgrade path that the manufacturer sets forth or you lose your investment. More importantly SIP phones simply utilize an internet connection which allows you a lot of flexibility as you can use your phones wherever you have access to the Internet.

One of the best parts of going with hosted is the ability to stay connected whether you're at or away from your desk. You have total control of how connected your are to your customers. Hosted systems make it easy to ring your desk phone and cell phone simultaneously. If your internet connection goes down your cell phones can keep you connected, so you never miss an important call. Features like Unlimited Auto Attendants, Unlimited Voicemail, Voicemail to email, detailed call accounting and a conference bridge are standard features that are included in your service.

The VoIP revolution is here and offers you features and control that you just can't get with your existing old school phone system. We have teamed up with SkyTalk Plus to bring you the best in Hosted Phone Systems and together we can offer you competitive pricing and a wide variety of phone features and applications.

We offer free tech support and programming of your system which allows you to focus on your business and we handle the rest.

You can get more info here:

SkyTalk Plus Hosted PBX

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